Hello sunshine.

Today when Mr. J came home he rightly pointed out that this is the first warm day since we moved into this flat and area. I was sitting at home all day doing my uni work (or trying to, damn you internet!) so I hardly noticed the sunshine and the irresistible 16-degree temperature. Realizing that, I straight away proposed to go for a wander and off we were, exploring Deptford.

Don’t get me wrong, I know my way around Deptford with my eyes closed thanks to Deptford Market but I’ve never really explored properly the places beyond the market streets. And today was the day to do so (also today wasn’t a market day so no distractions).

We’ve discovered a yard full of totally random objects. Odd things in odd places, my favourite.




The whole time I wondered if we were allowed to actually be there…


…but it didn’t really stop us playing.




Only on our way back I saw a big sign Creekside Discovery Centre, that didn’t really explain anything for me but it was fun.


And sometime soon about Deptford Market! Until then bye!





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