Cake Competition.

I don’t like competitions. The word competition makes me feel unnecessarily stressed. I tend to protect myself from this weird natural competitiveness of mine by not taking a part. But last year when I stumbled upon the following image I couldn’t have resisted.


Back then it was just a few weeks since I discovered the joy of baking and was glad to have an occasion to bake for. It was fun and the competition involved public tastings which I happily participated in. Obviously I did not win but it suddenly seemed like the least important thing because it was already so satisfying to be a part of it all. And to taste all the amazing cakes :)

This year I received an invitation to participate in the Telegraph Hill Cake Competition again and without any doubts I did. And being it me, I did it all last minute, waking up early, baking in the morning (rather than the night before) and then almost blowing at the hot sponge to cool it down faster to be able to assemble the cake in time. Here it is! Banana caramel cake inspired by The Kitchn.





To catch the 12pm deadline for submitting my cake  I run from Deptford to Brockley carrying a plate of cake in my hands.  Oh dear, somebody please finally invent a cake-carry solution for cyclists! This was probably the least fun of the day but at least I did not have time to be annoyed by the fact it was snowing at the end of March.

I made it and had an hour to cool down before the tasting started. It wasn’t difficult to cool down, I maybe did not have time to be annoyed by the weather then but I certainly did now. I walked around outside.


I swear last year this time I was sitting in this park on this grass.


The top left cake is a drawing of my cake from last year!


I also walked in the inside bit – there was an art/craft fair going on in the church next door. Isn’t it just the best use for a church? Lets turn all churches into art fairs !


I love walking around finding little gems like these.




Then it was time to meet my groupies and get tasting.






Most of the cakes were pretty amazing but I’ll try not to overload with photos.






Apparently men need their own category…




There were four winner for each category: Cakes made by kids, Cakes made by men, Teatime favourites and Decoration/Novelty cakes.

All in all, it was a fun day and I can’t wait for next year!


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