Fragments of the Weekend.

Our weekend was top & tailed with delicious meals; starting with our traditional Burger Friday and ending with a mum’s dinner. The time in between can be described as dull, boring and not worth of writing about. In my case for sure. On the other hand, Mr. J was having a blast.  After handing in his dissertation, he was catching up on the important tasks of watching zombie TV shows, going to the cinema and the theatre. The little jealous me was observing it all from my desk as I was trying to put together all my work for this year into a coherent document. Honestly, I cannot wait for the word coherent to get out of my life; it’s that one word that is used again & again in all of my university emails, hand outs, and briefings. It’s the one word that shall bring me a fine art degree..

On Sunday we were invited to Mr. J’s parents house for dinner. An opportunity to leave all work behind and enjoy a nice meal and chat with our favourite people. The garden has woken up after a long winter sleep so we went to explore all the colourful beuties. After a delicious dinner of lamb puffs, roast peppers, salad and peas & my all time favourite butterscotch pudding we were leaving very full and refreshed to start a new week.



Here is Mr. J “cleaning the bathroom”.



Wearing my cycling face. My bike rocks my world :)











How was your weekend?


Friday’s Five.

Beings a student, Friday doesn’t have the Fridayness to it as much as when being in a full time employment. Having the opportunity to organize my workload means that I usually end up working throughout the weekend (instead of working harder on the weekdays and having the weekend off).

Needless to say, I love Fridays! I love the feeling in the air, the kind of collective exhale. The city seems lighter, people are less stressed and more smiley, and problems on the tube are taken lightheartedly. And so every week I happily join this collective excitement for an upcoming weekend.

I am not really sure if there is anyone out there listening to my rumblings but if there is, I have some internet finds to share. These are links I bookmarked over the week because I found them funny, exciting, provoking, interesting, or just pretty. Enjoy!

This video contributed to my Friday happy mood. I found it on Freya’s lovely blog Nishaantishu.

A little bit of patriotism. In case you missed it, I come from the Czech Republic, which is NOT the country of origin of the Boston terrorists. Thank you. Read about it here.

This animation was made for Valentines day but who cares, it’s great for any occasion. I hope you won’t spend as much time with it as I did :)

I need this shirt from ASOS now!

What hurts more, giving birth or a kick in the men’s parts? Mr. J kindly sent me this link today and I am sure it will lead to a long discussion at the dinner table. Even though I have never been thorough either of these (thank goodness and thank goodness), it is pretty easy to form an opinion. A human being squeezed in to the world through a small hole of another human? Oh please, there’s no argument here for me.

Have a great weekend.

And don’t forget:

86efa93fda326e9333bb0c02ba0dd5f4(I’d happily credit this image, if I remembered where I got it if you know)

Love Object.

No I am not going to write about a new iPhone or an amazing dress I want. I am going to write about a cup . Boring right? Yes probably, but guess what? I am a lover of these everyday little objects that are kind of just there; pencils, notebooks, oh and I am obsessed with cutlery (don’t you dare to hide my favourite fork!)… and cups. My cups have a memory. My favourite cup of all times will always be the one my mum gave me when I first left home at the age of 19 to go to university. I am 26 now, finishing a different university in a different country and I still have it. It traveled with me and it’s still in one piece (although it does make cracky sounds when I shake it).

I remember my granddad’s favourite coffeee cup from when I was little, the handle was always a bit wobbly becuse he super glued it together way too many times until eventually it broke for good. I also remember how long it took him to find a new cup he would like as much.

Oh, and my dad collects tea spoons. Collect is the polite word for steal right? (sorry Dad, I had to). Occasionally when he finishes a cake or ice-cream in a cafe, the waitrer collects Dad’s plate without the (complimentary, ehm) teaspoon. True story.

So here you go, it’s in my family: an obsession with the little things. Number one rule for life: when in doubt, blame your folks.

So back to the cup. I got a glass Muji cup for my birthday in March and it actually managed to raise my tea consumption. I love this cup for an obvious reason – you see what you drink. And it’s fun. Right?





You can even colour-code your food & your drink (if you are as OCD as I am…)



A waaaay too long post about a cup, I hear you say. And yes it is, but when it is your last year of university, you spend more time over a cup of something hot, tasty and enlivening than you would dare to say.

I am raising my cup to that!

The Weekend.

A sunny weekend, what a treat! On Saturday Mr. J jumped out of bed surprisingly early and with unusual enthusiasm. That must mean one thing: Record Store Day. I spared myself of this activity; consisting of two hour wait outside of a record store  for its opening and  just received excited SMS updates such as “number 6 in the queue!” Instead, I took myself to Deptford Market, which I’ve truly been in love with for years now. I love it there because it’s messy, loud, multicultural, cheap and surprising. And it’s just a stones-throw from out flat.



One thing about me: I am constantly looking out for a dream house/flat.


We met back at home to show off our trophies.



Mr. J also found a satchel which I like a lot ;)


On Sunday morning we got out later than we wanted because somebody managed to switch his sleeping regime again and got to bed in the early morning hours (life with a musician).  However, the sun kindly waited for us.

We picked a park I’ve never been to (instead of our typical Greenwich choice) and cycled to Stave Hill Ecological Park to have a picnic. We couldn’t have chosen better. The roads from our home to Surrey Quays were closed due to the London Marathon but because we left quite late, the marathon was over while the roads were still empty. Cycling on the empty roads of London in the sun without worrying about cars? Bliss. Honestly this made my day. I am cheap.







Have a great Monday!

Last Days of Uni.

It’s exactly 21 days until I am not a student anymore. This realization should be alarming to me and making me feel nostalgic, however all I feel right now is happiness, excitement & relief. I loved my 4 years at university (sometimes more and sometimes less) but now it’s the time. The time to start a new chapter of my life. The time to stop preparing for the future and get on with it.





Studying art has turned my life upside down & inside out. It changed the way I think and look at the world. Art universities are amazing and I am so happy I chose to study there. They direct you rather than tell you what to do and how. They encourage your own free thinking and creativity. They don’t become a part of your life but your life becomes a part of them. You change the way of looking and approaching the world.

But studying art is a hard work of constantly questioning yourself and your direction, doubting every single step you make because nobody tells you what the wrong and the right is. The satisfaction that used to come from teachers in high school in the form of marks is not there anymore, you are obliged to bring your satisfaction and disappointment yourself.

The main thing for me is that you never stop. You never switch your brain off to rest because what if there is an idea lurking around the corner? You want to be ready & in the right mind set to catch it.

I am so exhausted right now. I might cry and I might feel empty when I finish (I certainly will) but I am so ready for both of these feelings. I am so ready for not living of a student loan, I am so ready for thinking about art and doing art for myself. Or not, who knows?