Mr. J’s Birthday.

It was Mr. J’s birthday on Thursday! I made a cake and prepared a little pile of presents before we headed off to Shoreditch for some hearty breakfast.



I took the birthday boy to The Breakfast Club as we’ve never been and heard such good reviews about that place. Now we know why. The staff is super friendly, the food is exceptional and the environment pleasantly buzzy.


We ordered a smoothie (strawberry, oats & yogurt) and a milkshake (banana & peanut butter) while waiting for our breakfast to come. Delicious.

IMG_0721We were just finishing our glasses when the food arrived.



My pancakes with ham, cheese, egg and maple syrup were just perfect and Mr. J kept oohing and ahing over his quesadilla with fried beans, chorizo, eggs, guacamole & cress.



We were both more than happy with our choices and just about managed to stuff them into our bellies. Mr. J couldn’t stop talking about the chorizo and when I tasted it, I fully understood why. It was warm, juicy, spicy and deliciously meaty. Mr. J also appreciated the unlimited access to maple syrup as honestly, he puts it literally on everything. Fried beans with maple syrup anyone?

We are definitely coming back for some more some time soon, in fact we have already chosen our next meals :)

Then it was time to head back south for some more presents with Mr. J’s family.


Samantha, the cat, came to wish happy birthday too.


And then people started arriving as Mr. J’s amazing parents hosted his b-day party in their house. With some tasty food and drinks.



And Mr. J, the lucky boy got another cake! This time with a shark on the top as he kept complaining that he doesn’t get cakes with pictures anymore :)


Chatting away late at night.


Very…ehm…tired but very happy, reunited after a lovely busy evening of chatting to friends and family.


I must say I loooove birthday parties, it’s such an amazing excuse to get people together, and how nice is it to do it at home where noone rings the bell for last orders!


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