Street Finds.


This piece of shabby furniture totally made my day. Coming home back from uni I found this chest of drawers and decided I needed to have it. When I say found I don’t mean in a furniture or a charity shop, I mean found on the street. I must have an inbuilt radar for street finds because even when I am cycling in traffic, balancing my shopping bags on the handlebars, I still manage to scan the environment for unwanted gems. Just in case. Isn’t it just the most satisfying way of recycling? Finding an unwanted thing and making a use of it…

At home I parked my bike, dropped my bags, quickly explained the situation to Mr. J, answered all the questions regarding the condition of the furniture positively and off we were. The chest of drawers looked a bit sad, sitting in a pile of rubbish but twenty minutes and two sweaty bodies with arms down to the ankles later…


I gave it a proper scrub with warm water but of course it still looks scruffy. However I am putting a DIY makeover down as my post-uni project.



I’ll either try to restore its original look, or i’ll sand and paint it a different colour. What do you think? I searched the internet for some colour inspiration:

White paint or original wooden look?





Mid Century red sewing desk 001

Or multicolour?


What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Street Finds.

  1. That’s quite pretty, congrats :)) It might be nice in black and white, too. Depends also on your wall colours, etc. …I’m curious to see the result ;)

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