Brad s Angelinou 2

I love my little home town in the Czech Republic where nothing is a bigger event than a couple having ice-cream and coffee on the first warmer weekend of the year. This newspaper cut out was sent to me by my dad this morning because the couple on the picture happens to be my brother and his girlfriend. It made me laugh and it also made me miss my home. I mean the HOME home.

When bad things like yesterday’s terrorist attacks in Boston happen, I start missing home so much. Home, the safe place where people read in newspaper about others having coffee and ice cream in the sun.


2 thoughts on “Home.

  1. Awwww I’m the same… I went home (Germany) for two whole weeks over Easter, and it felt like the biggest treat ever! Now that I’m kind of properly moved out it seems so special to go home, to always have fresh towels and bedding (is it just me or is that a big deal haha) and the dogs. I miss it already! Your brother and his girlfriend look happy :)

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