The Weekend.

A sunny weekend, what a treat! On Saturday Mr. J jumped out of bed surprisingly early and with unusual enthusiasm. That must mean one thing: Record Store Day. I spared myself of this activity; consisting of two hour wait outside of a record store  for its opening and  just received excited SMS updates such as “number 6 in the queue!” Instead, I took myself to Deptford Market, which I’ve truly been in love with for years now. I love it there because it’s messy, loud, multicultural, cheap and surprising. And it’s just a stones-throw from out flat.



One thing about me: I am constantly looking out for a dream house/flat.


We met back at home to show off our trophies.



Mr. J also found a satchel which I like a lot ;)


On Sunday morning we got out later than we wanted because somebody managed to switch his sleeping regime again and got to bed in the early morning hours (life with a musician).  However, the sun kindly waited for us.

We picked a park I’ve never been to (instead of our typical Greenwich choice) and cycled to Stave Hill Ecological Park to have a picnic. We couldn’t have chosen better. The roads from our home to Surrey Quays were closed due to the London Marathon but because we left quite late, the marathon was over while the roads were still empty. Cycling on the empty roads of London in the sun without worrying about cars? Bliss. Honestly this made my day. I am cheap.







Have a great Monday!


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