Love Object.

No I am not going to write about a new iPhone or an amazing dress I want. I am going to write about a cup . Boring right? Yes probably, but guess what? I am a lover of these everyday little objects that are kind of just there; pencils, notebooks, oh and I am obsessed with cutlery (don’t you dare to hide my favourite fork!)… and cups. My cups have a memory. My favourite cup of all times will always be the one my mum gave me when I first left home at the age of 19 to go to university. I am 26 now, finishing a different university in a different country and I still have it. It traveled with me and it’s still in one piece (although it does make cracky sounds when I shake it).

I remember my granddad’s favourite coffeee cup from when I was little, the handle was always a bit wobbly becuse he super glued it together way too many times until eventually it broke for good. I also remember how long it took him to find a new cup he would like as much.

Oh, and my dad collects tea spoons. Collect is the polite word for steal right? (sorry Dad, I had to). Occasionally when he finishes a cake or ice-cream in a cafe, the waitrer collects Dad’s plate without the (complimentary, ehm) teaspoon. True story.

So here you go, it’s in my family: an obsession with the little things. Number one rule for life: when in doubt, blame your folks.

So back to the cup. I got a glass Muji cup for my birthday in March and it actually managed to raise my tea consumption. I love this cup for an obvious reason – you see what you drink. And it’s fun. Right?





You can even colour-code your food & your drink (if you are as OCD as I am…)



A waaaay too long post about a cup, I hear you say. And yes it is, but when it is your last year of university, you spend more time over a cup of something hot, tasty and enlivening than you would dare to say.

I am raising my cup to that!


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