Friday’s Five.

Beings a student, Friday doesn’t have the Fridayness to it as much as when being in a full time employment. Having the opportunity to organize my workload means that I usually end up working throughout the weekend (instead of working harder on the weekdays and having the weekend off).

Needless to say, I love Fridays! I love the feeling in the air, the kind of collective exhale. The city seems lighter, people are less stressed and more smiley, and problems on the tube are taken lightheartedly. And so every week I happily join this collective excitement for an upcoming weekend.

I am not really sure if there is anyone out there listening to my rumblings but if there is, I have some internet finds to share. These are links I bookmarked over the week because I found them funny, exciting, provoking, interesting, or just pretty. Enjoy!

This video contributed to my Friday happy mood. I found it on Freya’s lovely blog Nishaantishu.

A little bit of patriotism. In case you missed it, I come from the Czech Republic, which is NOT the country of origin of the Boston terrorists. Thank you. Read about it here.

This animation was made for Valentines day but who cares, it’s great for any occasion. I hope you won’t spend as much time with it as I did :)

I need this shirt from ASOS now!

What hurts more, giving birth or a kick in the men’s parts? Mr. J kindly sent me this link today and I am sure it will lead to a long discussion at the dinner table. Even though I have never been thorough either of these (thank goodness and thank goodness), it is pretty easy to form an opinion. A human being squeezed in to the world through a small hole of another human? Oh please, there’s no argument here for me.

Have a great weekend.

And don’t forget:

86efa93fda326e9333bb0c02ba0dd5f4(I’d happily credit this image, if I remembered where I got it if you know)


One thought on “Friday’s Five.

  1. What have you done to me with that animation???? (And to my boyfriend!!)
    Completely agree on the whole weekend as a student thing, doesn’t feel much like it, I wish I could motivate myself to work enough during the week to justify just spending my weekends doing fun stuff :)

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