Fragments of the Weekend.

Our weekend was top & tailed with delicious meals; starting with our traditional Burger Friday and ending with a mum’s dinner. The time in between can be described as dull, boring and not worth of writing about. In my case for sure. On the other hand, Mr. J was having a blast.  After handing in his dissertation, he was catching up on the important tasks of watching zombie TV shows, going to the cinema and the theatre. The little jealous me was observing it all from my desk as I was trying to put together all my work for this year into a coherent document. Honestly, I cannot wait for the word coherent to get out of my life; it’s that one word that is used again & again in all of my university emails, hand outs, and briefings. It’s the one word that shall bring me a fine art degree..

On Sunday we were invited to Mr. J’s parents house for dinner. An opportunity to leave all work behind and enjoy a nice meal and chat with our favourite people. The garden has woken up after a long winter sleep so we went to explore all the colourful beuties. After a delicious dinner of lamb puffs, roast peppers, salad and peas & my all time favourite butterscotch pudding we were leaving very full and refreshed to start a new week.



Here is Mr. J “cleaning the bathroom”.



Wearing my cycling face. My bike rocks my world :)











How was your weekend?


5 thoughts on “Fragments of the Weekend.

  1. Your photos are so cute and you look stunning in that photo where you’re smiling upwards into the camera :)

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