Happy Friday.

The days of this week slipped through my fingers like sand. Time is relative: when you want it to go fast, it drags its feet but as soon as you start worrying about it, there it is, all rushing to escape from your sight, making you realize it was there the whole time. But in my defense, I couldn’t have started earlier with my final work, I needed this rush, this stress and discomfort to be able to work and be productive. My productivity doubled, if not tripled from where it was last week. I am exhausted but being productive feels good and I need to keep going for one last week. One last week of student work and then? Don’t ask, there’s enough stress for now.

When I woke up this morning I expected it to be just another day of the week; busy, sweaty, crazy stressful and not fun. However it turned out to be great!

At first I received my dissertation results. I have spent 2 months building up a defence mechanism of not caring over these results. I convinced myself that they didn’t matter to me because I did it for myself, it taught me a lot and my future does not depend on it. With this attitude I opened the document and all of that went out the window because I got a first. I still don’t believe it. Or rather, I do believe it but throughout the whole day, I’ve been expecting to receive an email saying “we made a mistake, THESE are your REAL results and they are not great.” Well, luckily it did not happen (yet) and I can carry on being happy.

The second reason for happiness is this little package:


My best friend is getting married. Of course I knew that, I’ve been involved in the whole drama of planning, choosing a dress, and stressing over little things from the beginning, but it just really got to me now when I received this lovely invite on a vinyl record. Plus, it will be my first wedding to attend ever!

And even if that all did not happen, there was another Burger Friday in our household which meant Mr. J dancing & singing to Michael Jackson while cooking the best burgers this world has ever seen. A big statement but truthful. Trust me.

Friday is the day I like to share my internet discoveries but unfortunately there was no procrastination for me this week………… Just kidding! There was, but just a little.

This video has been circulating the internet and I’ve seen it many times and will never get bored of it. Barack Obama plays Daniel Day-Lewis playing Barack Obama. I mean we all knew Obama was cool right? But he still manages to surprise us all.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to organize my work for the final assessment and decided to hand bind the whole lot. So I’ve been exploring the craft of book binding and these videos are so great. Say good-bye to shop-bought notebooks.

It would be a lie to say I didn’t look at any clothes and shoes this week and I don’t like to lie so here, these shoes would make me very happy. I am not entirely sure if I would be able to walk in them but who cares? I’d just have them on at home while watching the telly. As you do.

Have an amazing sunny weekend!


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