Long Weekend.

With me finishing my degree on Friday and Mr. J’s Tuesday dissertation deadline, there unfortunately wasn’t much hope for the bank holiday weekend. Most of it was spent glued to our chairs and sofas working away and watching the sunshine lick the balcony door. But hey, it was lovely to be working with bare feet and the windows wide open so I can’t complain. Even though, I really want to :) because some moments were more desperate than others..


However, somehow we managed to fetch a few moments and get our pasty bodies out in the sun! Mr. J put shorts on and after staring at his own legs for a bit too long stated: ‘I haven’t seen my legs or feet for ages, need to check they’re ok.’ I must admit, I was also rediscovering my legs, the old scars, and…well scheduling some leg shaving ;)

On Sunday I did some practical work outside, which explains the toilet rolls in my hands.


And on my way back I passed this pink street and couldn’t resist parking my bike and snapping a few pictures. Officially my first cherry blossom tree pictures of this year so expect an overload. Because come on you have not seen enough pictures of cherry trees in the blogging world :)





Today in the afternoon Mr. J and I had an ice-cream randevouz among cherry trees again.




No photos of Mr. J as he was covered in chocolate and refused to be photographed. On the other hand, I don’t mind being photographed covered in chocolate :)


Or in cherry blossoms as a matter of fact..



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