Farewell to Uni.

It’s Sunday morning and Mr. J is still asleep. I should be packing my suitcase but instead it seems like the perfect time for me to sit and tidy my thoughts. So here I am sipping on green tea and listening to Imogen Heap. Music is back in my life! I am one of the people who can’t work with any noise on so noise-cancelling headphones were my best friend last year but now our household (to Mr. J’s joy) can once again become the place where music never stops playing.

I finished my degree on Friday and my brain is really slow at digesting this information. I spent the most of yesterday trying to slow down. It feels like running and passing the finish line; one never stops right away, but slows down and slows down until eventually one stops. I passed the finish line on Friday and I am trying to slow down. It’s weird and dream-like. I don’t have to feel guilty anymore (however my brain is desperately trying to find reasons for it) which has been the biggest treat for me. ‘Guilt’ was one of the overused words in my vocabulary for the past few years and suddenly it’s gone and it feels surreal. Does procrastination still exist? I wasn’t sure yesterday if I was procrastinating or not while reading the news, blogs and even doing the washing.

I have so many plans for the transition period between student and….an employee (I guess) but first things first. Today I am going to spend the whole day with the person I love the most and at night I am flying home. Home to the Czech Republic, to Tabor, to my parents house, to that one safe place in the world where it smells of freshly cut grass and life passes so so slowly. Home, where the floors are always clean and shiny and food grows in the fridge. That home, you know. And as much as I am looking forward to the countryside, food, and chilling in the sun, what I am looking forward to the most is this:

Long chats with my Mum in the kitchen over a cup of coffee.


My Mum, who will never think I am too old to sleep in the same bed with me.


Going on trips with my Dad (who sometimes likes to forget that I am actually a girl)…


…and on walks in the woods.


(this happened)

My older brother who will never grow out of teasing me.


(I honestly don’t know why I was wearing 3d glasses, my town does not even have a 3d cinema)

Cocktail o’clock with my Dad in the AM hours.


Baking with Mum and Grandad.


And all of us chilling in my bed drinking champagne.


Sadly Mr. J is not coming with me this time as his uni days are still not over. But we’ll work something out, because we always do:


Life is great again and I will do anything I can to keep it this way because I missed it!

And now my friends, I am going to dance in the kitchen with Mr. J while making pancakes. Because that’s what Sundays are for.


8 thoughts on “Farewell to Uni.

  1. You make me look forward to in 23 days time! I know exactly what you mean, after I had finished exams in January, it took me like 1-2 weeks to reallly realise (and by that time the next semester had started haha).
    ENJOY your time off :)

  2. CONGRATULATIONS! Finishing is huge- I remember feeling like that too though, that I didn’t really know what to do with myself. I spent one day doing nothing, then cleaned the entire house and made supper for 4 friends the next day because my brain couldn’t cope with doing nothing after so many weeks of being non-stop.

    Have a wonderful time being back at home- I’m sure you and Mr J will get something sorted. And I love the image of you two dancing in the kitchen making pancakes- so cute! xx

    • I am sure I’d be like you – cleaning, cooking etc. – if I stayed in London. It was a good idea to come home as there’s not much I can do here. Honestly having a rest is the only option :)

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