Snippets from Home (part 2).

After I soaked up a bit of home, I set myself off to Prague to visit my brother H and his girlfriend A and eventually to bring H home for the weekend.

We went to a pub that serves 50 different types of beer. Now, I am not a beer girl, I choose wine over beer anytime. However, I tasted a few really really tasty pints (or half-litres as it is in Czech) and for that evening I was a convert. Up until we moved to a different bar that was offering excellent piña coladas. Because lets face it, pineapple tastes better than barley.


In the morning the two of them had to go to work and I had a day in Prague to myself. I made the silly mistake of packing my relatively new Doc. Martens with me because I sincerely believed they were broken in already. They weren’t, lesson learnt. But even with painful feet I had a lovely time in sunny Prague.


In the afternoon I picked my brother up at work and we drove back home together. So the last two days before I left we spent at home all of us as a family. The weather did not disappoint and we did a lot of lazying in the sun, catching vitamin D.


And because the best tan happens while working (not lying) in the sun (my parent’s brilliant raising strategy), one afternoon we went to help Dad plant some trees in the garden.



In the evening we barbecued some fish and vegetables and enjoyed a warm spring evening by the fire.



Yes, I still play with my food…



My birthday was in March, however my mum insisted on making me my favourite pie that with the help of a few candles was transformed into a birthday pie. It was so delicious! Quark, ground poppy seeds and plum jam…..


Chilling in my favourite spot.





Lilacs were blossoming everywhere! When I was little I wanted to get married in May so I could have lilacs as my bridal flowers…



It was hard to leave. It always is. But knowing that I’d be back soon for my friend’s wedding made things easier and I was able to leave without tears. Me and Mum always cry the day before I go so we don’t complicate my departure :) But pst, it’s our secret ;)


3 thoughts on “Snippets from Home (part 2).

  1. Aww looks like you had such a great time! D and I went to Prague in February and really loved it, it’s such a beautiful city (still somehow managed to end up in a cocktail bar that had London prices (but was still kind of worth it)).
    Glad you had a good time :)

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