Snippets from Home (part 1).

I am back in London after one week at home. The word ‘home’ is a tricky one.  The day I left  London I had my diary marked  ‘Going home’ and for the day coming back to London ‘Coming back home’.  Thus I went home from home, both ways…

Anyway, it’s  better having two homes than one I guess, so I don’t break my head about it too much.

My Dad picked me up at the airport and there was a three hour drive ahead of us through this tricolour of Czech springtime countryside.


I had the most amazing time as I always do, I rested my mind and my body and I talked more than my mouth could take.

But first things first, when we arrived home my dad took me for a little walk ‘around our homestead’. It’s a little ritual when Dad updates me on how home currently looks, what has changed and what is planned for the future. I love it so much!




Making our way up the garden, I knew we were heading to the forest. Yes, forest. The past few years my Dad has been successfully transforming our garden into a forest…



…and he’s so proud of every single tree he planted.


To my Dad’s annoyance, Mum likes to walk around choosing Christmas trees…


…but we all know she likes the forest as much as Dad does. And not only because of the mushrooms.



The walk ended just outside of the house where I was introduced to the anchor. Dad’s newest treasure. He found it, don’t ask me.


The week was filled with sunshine, good food, and plenty of chatting! I did not get done anything I planned to and I should finally grow out of planning my time at home apart from simply being around my family. Because that is the real reason I go home.





And to make the bright days even brighter, I kept in touch with Mr. J as he was sincerely missed.


More to come tomorrow.


Collaborative Project.

The view out of the window today does not remind me much of yesterday; grey, rainy, wet and windy. England in a cup. But yesterday was different. Luckily, because me and Mr. J planned a day out to work on our collaborative video project for Mr. J’s final performance at university (yeah, these music students trying to be all arty). We headed up to Greenwich on our bikes, each of us strapped over by all the possible equipment we might have needed.

The original idea was that I would produce video projections for Mr. J’s final performance, however, while brainstorming ideas, Mr. J got into the swing of events and we decided to work on it together. That of course means much more fun. And it also means a bit more of a creative…let’s say debate :)

Sometimes I wonder what a secret observer would think of us, running around madly, screaming of excitement when a new idea comes in, a little scramble for the camera now and then… Kids! :)

We laughed a lot, how could we have not…




The project director, obviously:


Some entertainment for the tourists as well as the locals.IMG_0642


It was a much needed day in the sun that my body and mind were craving for for weeks. Cheers, weather, bring up more!